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Detail Keyword Research And Competition Research


If you are going to build a new site?  Already have a website? Mini site?Or Authority site? Wordpress  Blogs or Videos
And you are planing to see your website on google top position.

The FACT is Keywords should always be your #1 priority

The only way your competitors are having traffic or buyer from Google is simply by ranking on the 1st page of Google. 

Do you want people to visit your website?
Or you are looking to increase your product sale?
Then keyword research is the basic fundamentals SEO, the proper research of keywords can do the above magic.

The research will include:

  • Low competitive 20 Profitable and Rankable Keywords / Key phrases
  • Cost per click 
  • Local Searches
  • Global searches
  • Advertiser Competition
  • Amazon review numbers
  • KC  (ranking difficulty) less than 35 (according to new update of long tail pro)
  • Top 10 competitor website and their analysis

Our report will instantly tell you what search terms you need to target to get traffic to your website in an easy to understand format..

So the thing I need the niche. Tell me niche and i will do your work

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Today you can no longer think of success in digital marketing but don't mind SEO and site optimization. Competitors are getting stronger every day and increasing their rankings in search engines. Today, if your business is not ranked in the top search engine results, your online business should be a failed business. Buying backlinks in high numbers is illegal from Google and this has led us to replace backlinks with low backlinks but very high quality. All of our SEO services are 100% experienced and will enhance the power of your domain and drive your site to the search engines. All of our backlink purchase services are permanent backlinks and these links will never be deleted. Also if you have a WordPress site, we would definitely recommend using our WordPress SEO service. In this service we have a full account of sites such as moz, ahrefs and backlinko to fully analyze your site.

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