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SEO Site Optimization EDU Gov Backlinks - (50 Permanent Links)

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Backlink is good when it comes from quality and comes from Google's quality and trusted sites. Google categorizes sites based on various factors such as Page Rank, Domain Power, Trust, and so on. One of these factors is the domain extension. The two edu and gov extensions are Google's most trusted sites, because Google knows that the owners of these sites are not individuals, and these sites belong to government agencies (gov extensions) or educational institutions (edu extensions). So having a backlink from such sites is very important in your site's credibility.

In this SEO service we provide you 50 high-quality, high-end sites of such sites that can greatly influence the ranking of your site and increase the confidence of Google in your site.

Sites that are edu domains are educational or educational ones, and sites with gov domains are actually abbreviated to the government, meaning government or government. Getting backlinks from these sites is something special for Google and search engines, because it's not easy to get backlink from these sites, and secondly, Google's edu and gov links can be a natural and real source of spam. For valuable sites.

The success of the edu and gov link to the rest of the link on Google is like the value of a privileged student among the rest of the students.
Backlinks for edu are so valuable in the rest of the back links that sites and back-link analytics software provide a separate number of backlinks to the site's edu links. After checking a site, for example, they check that the site has 200 backlinks and has 20 back-up edu links.

Note: All backlinks of this service are permanent and there is no need for monthly renewal and one-time payment forever.

Back to the links you receive in this service:

50 Backlinks from sites with extensions edu and gov with domain strength or DA over 45

Features of this unique service:

All backlinks are permanent and 100% are separate domains.
All domains have Page Rank and AUTHORITY power.
All backlinks are made manually and do not use any software.
100% of the Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird algorithms are safe.
All backlinks are natural and mostly Dofollow.
Backlinks are from external sites with very high reputation and as articles or mostly profiles.
Work reports will be sent to all accounts with sites and user accounts.


Are these backlinks permanent or require a monthly renewal?
All backlinks to this service are permanent and you will only pay one time. The links to this service do not require a monthly renewal.

Is this service secure for my site from Google?
Yes, this service is 100% safe. All links are created manually on the sites, and all of these sites are actually the largest, most trusted and trusted sites on Google. How can Google penalize your site with these conditions? In fact, this service is completely in line with Google's own principles and guidelines.

Do the backlinks follow fooloo or float nofollow?
Given that we are all trying our best to make our link-building services look quite natural from Google's perspective, so in this package, a number of links are flattering, and some are newfawl to look completely natural. (Of course, the number of links to the Falo is more). Please be aware that backlinks for New Falo are also of interest to Google when they are of a very high quality source and will increase your site's DA.

Are backlinks created exactly with the keyword you are looking for?
Considering this, Google today is very smart, and if all the links are sent from a keyword, there may be doubts about Google. So, for us to see the backsheets as naturally as possible, we put some of them into keywords with a number of links directly to the domain.

How does this service help my site?
This service will increase the authority of your site, which will increase Google's trust in your site, and ultimately lead to an increase in Google's ranking, the rise of the site in the keywords, and increase the success of your site.

How long does it take to get the results?
Usually, to see the results, the links that are registered must be identified naturally by Google and note that this is beyond our control and is directly linked to Google, which can take 1 to 3 months. In fact, the responsibility is finalized after you submit your work report and the list of pages that your link is in. The rest is at Google's disposal.


Please enter the key word in the description box on the order form when ordering the page link and two to three key words.
Delivery time is 12 days.
After delivery, the full report will be e-mailed.


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Today you can no longer think of success in digital marketing but don't mind SEO and site optimization. Competitors are getting stronger every day and increasing their rankings in search engines. Today, if your business is not ranked in the top search engine results, your online business should be a failed business. Buying backlinks in high numbers is illegal from Google and this has led us to replace backlinks with low backlinks but very high quality. All of our SEO services are 100% experienced and will enhance the power of your domain and drive your site to the search engines. All of our backlink purchase services are permanent backlinks and these links will never be deleted. Also if you have a WordPress site, we would definitely recommend using our WordPress SEO service. In this service we have a full account of sites such as moz, ahrefs and backlinko to fully analyze your site.

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