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WordPress SEO And Professional And Specialized Optimization Of WordPress Website And Store

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Are you not satisfied with the position of your site in search engines?
Get your WordPress SEO service as fast as your competitors!
WordPress is definitely the most popular and most used content management system in the world. WordPress uses many features to create a simple site or blog to a very professional site and store. Having various plugins and the ability to design a variety and stylish templates for WordPress has made this content management system the first choice to set up a site in the world.

This service is provided for WordPress Personal, Corporate, Blog, Download, Store, and any other WordPress site.

What you will get in this professional WordPress service:

  1. Full analysis of WordPress site in terms of subject and selecting or editing keywords
  2. Full review of competitors' site content, keywords and competitiveness
  3. Make changes and make some explanations on the homepage around the keywords (if needed)
  4. Providing some secret code to increase WordPress SEO that can only be seen by search engines
  5. Present and select the best keywords, and write the most effective meta-description for the home page
  6. A fully professional review of the site template and WordPress SEO tool for coding (explaining that your template has been thoroughly reviewed and where there is a need for code changes to improve coding)
  7. Compress the html template code so that it reduces the size of the pages
  8. Compress CSS files so that all CSS files are read from a file that reduces the size of the pages.
  9. Compress JQuery files so that all JS files are read from a file that reduces the size of the pages.
  10. Check the size of the images and reduce the size of all the images on the site without loss of quality
  11. Put the entire site in cache so that pages are opened at very high speeds
  12. Insert Alt tag and Title for all images automatically
  13. Install WordPress SEO Plugins Required
  14. Full analysis of site links
  15. Provide a complete list of site links to your site
  16. Providing 40 backlinks from sites with Page Rank 10 and DA 80+

* Compressing and integrating CSS and JS files reduces the number of requests to the server when loading the site, which sometimes even reduces over 100 requests for Server Requests. This topic at the site's high-profile sites reduces the significant pressure on the CPU and other server resources.

In fact, in our WordPress SEO service, we will solve all the requirements of your site in the first step in terms of internal SEO. One of the features of our service is to reduce the page size and increase the speed of your site after the changes.

Provide analysis of site links
Another feature of our WordPress SEO service is to provide a complete report of the terms of your site's links. Note that our company at the sites as well as has a premium subscription and pays more than $ 1,000 a month for subscriptions to these sites. So we will send you a sample reporter of your website links in this service for free.

Complete list of Backlinks

Another special service we can give you is to provide a complete list of backlinks your site has. In our Excel file, we export all links to your site and submit them to you. This service is provided as one of the SEO services on the site for 30 $  which we provide free of charge with the WordPress SEO service and we will export all backlinks your site has to an Excel CSV file and send you with this order.

Our special gift for WordPress SEO Service
We also have a gift for the WordPress site optimization service. Our free gift offer is one of our backing services called the Alpha Linking Package "40 Permanent Link from the PageRank 10+ 40-Day Website Enhancement Service" that you can read in the description on the page. In this service, we provide for your site 40 permanent links of websites with a top level 80 credentials so that we can do a great job in the off-site SEO section of our site as well.

As you can see, without a doubt, by providing this service, we definitely have the strongest and best service of WordPress sites in our shopinhome. The service cost is much lower than even the very low-quality SEO services, which is why it is possible to provide services to very small businesses or even personal sites.

By providing this unique WordPress SEO package, we ensure that your site's SEO will be impressive after a short time and you will undoubtedly be able to get a better position in related searches. Note that viewing the result of the site optimization project is usually visible 2 to 4 months after the service is provided, and SEO is not an early return category. Note that once this service is launched, the site is completely SEO-based and Google will give more importance to its site than before, so after completing this service, it is necessary to provide professional and junior content in the field of work. Engage yourself in content creation.

If you also want to pass your rivals as quickly as possible, make sure you do not hesitate to order this incredible package.

What do we need when ordering?
We do not need your hosting specifications for SEO services in the first step, and we only need to enter the admin section of your site. Please note this may also require your server information during the work process.

Please note, at the time of ordering, Send your link of admin page with your username and password and enter 3 to 4 keywords in the order form.

This service is provided for WordPress Personal, Corporate, Blog, Ecommerce, Store, Download site and any other WordPress site.

Note: The duration of the service for this service is about 15 days.
After completion of the work, the full report will be e-mailed to you.

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Today you can no longer think of success in digital marketing but don't mind SEO and site optimization. Competitors are getting stronger every day and increasing their rankings in search engines. Today, if your business is not ranked in the top search engine results, your online business should be a failed business. Buying backlinks in high numbers is illegal from Google and this has led us to replace backlinks with low backlinks but very high quality. All of our SEO services are 100% experienced and will enhance the power of your domain and drive your site to the search engines. All of our backlink purchase services are permanent backlinks and these links will never be deleted. Also if you have a WordPress site, we would definitely recommend using our WordPress SEO service. In this service we have a full account of sites such as moz, ahrefs and backlinko to fully analyze your site.

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