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Organic Mumtaz Saffron (25gr)


Pushal saffron consists of stigmas with small parts of style. 

These stigmas have been separated from white part at the time of picking. There are different types of Pushal saffron based on the percentage of the style (yellow part of each string) along with stigma (the red part of each string). It is produced in two qualities.

Grade I has 5% style and color strength is about 220usp and higher.

Grade II has 10-15% style and color intensity is about 210usp and higher.

Arabs use saffron for preparing a kind of tea named after it and Arabic coffee.
Indians use saffron for the preparation of a dish called Biryani.
Italians and the Swiss use saffron for the preparation of a dish with rice called Risotto.
Spaniards use saffron for the preparation of a dish called Paella.
Germans and the English use saffron for the preparation of saffron cake. Due to its other properties Saffron can also be used for medical purposes.


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