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Best Original Saffron (25 gr)

10% Off



Special Offer Wholesale Iranian Saffron

According to the completion time of harvesting saffron in Iran , Ghaen
Saffron Co. only to some of our special customers give offer for a
limited time for buy saffron made of new harvest. This special offer
is 5 days and after this period, prices returned to normal. The plan
this year is non-renewable.

In this offer plan, in addition to falling products prices, We planned
for give discounts on services for shipping and customs office levels.

Special Prices of Bulk ( FOB ) :

- Poushali Negin A :1900.00$ Per/kg
- Negin A : 1820.00$ Per/kg
- Sargol A : 1660.00$ Per/kg
- Poushali A : 1550.00$ Per/kg
- Bunch : 1455.00$ Per/kg

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One Line Story:

Best Saffron with affordable price directly from farm.


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