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1 Kg Supreme Quality of Saffron


Iran is the supreme producer of saffron is the world, so that 85 percent of world's saffron is produced in Iran. This is due to having an appropriate climate than has made Iran the best conducive place for the highest quality saffron in the world. Persian Flower phenomenon Co. is a domestic complex working in farming. producing. and packaging saffron. Since 1993 the company formally started its activities solely in saffron export: activities that have been started from the beginning of the establishment with a new approach to motivated Saffron production, and the export of this treasury herb. Hence, the company had established a strong collaborative set in saffron production and exports. In this regard. after four years. to promote and facilitate customer service in foreign affairs, the company established its main office in Dubai. one of the world's best commercial ports in 1997. and has been exporting saffron through this port to other parts of the world ever since. Persian Flower phenomenon Co. has chosen the "Iranian saffron. Superior Quality" as its cornerstone motto and the caption of its activities. Therefore, regarding the effortful help of its employees. the company speeds towards the customer satisfaction and higher quality of saffron. While maintaining customer satisfaction is the most valuable investment of the company, Saffron production and its packaging requires precise control and monitoring measures and legal deals, thus Persian Flower phenomenon Co. has established an outfit laboratory that controls all products of the approved quality. and looks the products to the customer. 

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We are doing business between US and Turkey.


Hello all my website visitors. We are professional business experts in US and Turkey and Exporting Turkish products to US and Europe. Our exports are Textile products and Women Night Dresses.

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