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Baby stroller and carriage

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McRae MC 815T Triple Jogger Travel Set 3 Wheeled Baby Car
100% original Product - At least 2 Years Garranty

Carrying Capacity 0_36 Kg

Brand: McRae

Product code: MC-815T
Product Name: Triple Jogger Travel
Production Location: Turkey
Country of Brand: Turkey
Product weight: Baby Car 6.9 kg. - Main Baby 3.4 kg.
Carrying Capacity: Eu-15kg. / US-25kg.
Usage time: from 0 mint EU (48 months)
Quality Certificates: TSE 12512 Service Assurance
Product Colors: Red / Black / Blue / Pink



Our product is the latest baby car ever produced.

Extremely durable and very lightweight specially alloyed durable double layer black metal case (A1 High Performance black metal)

The gripping arm is slip resistant.

It can be closed with one hand thanks to the automatic closing system.

The front feed tray section can be removed. It is portable.
The folding mechanism has a second safety system against the possibility of accidental folding.
The car is very light. The car is a practical baby car which is quite easy. In other words, it is a baby carriage like a walking stick.
When folded, even your smallest car can easily fit in your luggage.

McRae's exclusive back-to-back design evenly distributes the weight of the baby evenly across the car, ensuring that your baby rests against the back of the stroller.

The orthopedic lumbar support system on the back provides maximum comfort.

The ridge and seat in the interior of the vehicle are softly filled.
3 pieces (1 Front 2 Rear) large wheel. 3 is big on the wheel so the car will better sit better. This is an important factor that increases the driving quality. Thanks to the wheel system which is only available on wheels, it is very comfortable to drive the baby car.

Thanks to the shock absorber system found on all wheels, the baby carriage is suspended and provides more comfortable driving in recessed areas.
The product has a secure braking system located in the rear wheels and moving into and out of the vehicle with one foot action.

The front wheel can turn 360 degrees and can be fixed with one move.
3 Kg Capacity High lower basket from the ground.

The seat and backrest are in 3-position adjustment position. These are seating, resting, dream positions. In the sleeping position, the vehicle is fully lying. It has a 100% sleeping feature. This feature is intended to protect the backbone of your baby's health.

Anti Allergic Terlemez Fabric made from waterproof material.

Maximum security with a 5 point safety belt system that is fast and easy to attach and detach. It provides maximum security with a 5 point safety belt that fixes your body to the body and legs. The safety belt can be adjusted according to the size and weight of the baby.

Soft shoulder pads that put pressure on the seatbelt.

The arms of the pendant hold the patterns of the same color as the pram.

Sporty, lightweight, comfortable.

Warranty Period: 2 Years with the Assurance of Manufacturer
Note: The product is shipped within 1 working day upon order.

Main Kid Features:

McRae MC-575 Lux Main Rear Seat 0-13 kg (0 - 1 year old)

Brand: McRae

Product code: MC-575

Product Name: Lux Carrying Seat

Production Location: Turkey

Country of Brand: Turkey

Carrying Capacity: 0 - 13 Kg.

Usage time: 0 - 12 Months

Quality Certificates: TSE 12512 Service Assurance


0-12 months usage time (0-13 kg)

Standard longer and wider than your own class meter

Hygienic non-sweat fabric

Neck, pilot safety belt with head protection (3-point safety belt)

Removing neck-cap protection when necessary

The position between the sitting and the lying position is a highly orthapedic shape with the baby standing in the womb.

Top protective tent

Removable and washable cloth

In all developed countries, it is compulsory when leaving the hospital

Aluminum grip (only available in new version)

Safe connection system to baby car

Usage Points

As hand carry: BABY TRANSPORT

Swingable - For Fixable Sleep: HOME HORSE BREAK

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