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Wallpapers for house owners harmony of style

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home wallpaper designs for living room

Price is for one full roll.


Walls should be smooth, dust-free and dry before applying the paste, to avoid creasing. 

- If the surface is not perfect, we recommend the use of a lining paper. CHECKING THE WALLPAPER 

- Before cutting the rolls, ensure that they are all from the same lot no. and that they are in good condition with no color variation or other defects. 

- For each claim, please enclose the label which indicates that lot no. After hanging 3 drops check the result. No claim is accepted for more than one roll. 


- This product is hung by applying an even coating of paste either on the wall or on the reverse of the paper. 

- Avoid squeezing the paste between the edges of the paper. 

- The paste must not come into contact with the surface of the paper at any time. 

- All traces must be removed before by lightly dabbing the surface with a moist, clean sponge. 

- If paste is allowed to dry on the surface of the paper, it will cause discoloration. 

- We do not accept any claim for damage resulting from paste being applied to the surface. 

- Use a high-quality wallpaper paste. 

- After having pasted half of one length of the paper, fold it back on itself and continued to paste the rest of the length in the same way. 

- The soaking time should be very brief. 

- Apply the first drop in a perfectly vertical way. 

- A better ways to adhere the edges would be to paste a strip of the wall in line with the join of the paper. 

- Hang the lengths, one next to the other, neatly joined together without any overlapping, taking care to match the pattern repeat. 

- To eliminate bubbles and to ensure a perfect contact with the wall surface, use a decorators wallpaper smoother or a dry cloth. 

- Trim using a sharp blade and metal ruler. 

- If using scissors, trace the line to cut with a pencil and a ruler. Washable Epongeable Abwaschbar Straight Match Raccord Droit Gerader Ansatz Peelable Pelable Spaltbar Half Drop Match Raccord Sauté versetzter Ansatz Lightfastness resistant a la lumiere Lichtecht Heit Free Match Sans Raccord Ansatzfrei

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One Line Story:

We are wallpaper exporter.


We are Turkey's most modern and largest wallpaper factory. We produce with Top Print 8 Color technology which is used by a number of Wall Paper manufacturer in the world. This technology is a top-level technology that gives a sense of reality to the wallpaper, adds depth to the pattern, smoothes the surface.

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