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Increase Sales of Your Website by AdWords-Shop in Home


Advertising on AdWords can be one of the best and most cost-effective ways for marketing your ecommerce website store.

Your Product Listed as Ads and will appear when somebody is looking for keywords of your products on google. Then Google will show your customer a product image as a pice of banner, price of it, with your store Brand. If prospective Customer who click on your ad She/He will be redirected to your ecommerce store where S/He can buy your product.

I have experiance in creating Shopping pay per click (PPC) campaigns for Shopify Product Listing advertisment including these tasks.

1) Checking for your competitors and analysising them

2) Setting up your product feed and their process

3) Submitting your product items in google merchants

4) Optimizing your campain based on your advertising budget and profit you gain from each items

5) Biding optimization

6) Omitting ads with low performance

7) Scaling Ad Visibility via Day-Parting, Geo-Targeting, and Device-Level

8) Separate Campaign for Mobile Ads

9) Implementing Product-Level Dynamic Remarketing Ads

10) Integrate Keywords on Product Feed of Merchant Center

11) Identify the Most Profitable Brands, Categories, & SKU Segments

12) Ad Scheduling

13) ROI Analysis

14) Targeting auriance and Eliminate Factors That Lead to Wasted Spendings for adwords

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Do you want to increase your sales in other area? We are team of professionals who are interested to market other companies products online or offline. Please keep in touch with me for increasing of your sales volume.

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