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Will Teach you How To Organize Your Digital Marketing

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I will carry out a UNIQUE, PROFITABLE and  in-intensity Comptetitive Intelligence Analysis (Spy Your Competitors) and Client Intelligence Analysis(Understand Your Ideal Client's Behavoir). Use this to expand Unique and Profitable Market Strategy in your business.

I even have 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing and Analytics. I hold a PhD in Software Engineering and were developing equipment to Automate workflows for Online entrepreneurs for thepast 10 years. 

Deep Competitive Intelligence Analysis.
What is operating for them (Their Ads, Their Landing pages, their internet site, their Funnel, Their copies)?
What are they now not doing right?
What are they doing right?
Which in their articles are viral and why?
Can we discover a magic bullet attitude so one can are available?

Deep Client Intelligence Analysis. 
Who is the Ideal Client?
Where do they cling out (nearby, Facebook, Search Engines..)
What is their pain, frustrations, feelings excitements?
What is their purchaing journey?
What are competition now not offering to them?

Profitabe Strategy: 
Solid Market Strategy with figures
-Plan of action

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One Line Story:

I try my best to solve your problem in programming.

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