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Stone design primium walpaper



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Consider Before You Buy Wallpaper

  • Layout of the room

It's more a question of openings in the floor plan rather than shape alone. "If there are many doors or windows in a room or many large pieces of art that take up a lot of visual wall space," the pair says, "there’s just not enough space left for wallpaper to have the right impact." In other words, if you're only going to see a sliver or two of exposed design, is it worth the wallpaper planning pain? (You might decide yes!)

  • Total size of walls being covered

Simply put, the larger the room and the more wall space exposed, the more expensive your project will be—both to buy enough paper and to keep an installer on the clock to get the job done. Do you want to incur the expense of papering the living room, or spend that money on fancy sheets and wallpaper the little entryway instead? (For the record, we think both can be good decisions.)

  • Likelihood that kids will hang out there

Some papers are very kid-friendly (dark colors! vinyl wallpaper!); others just look like they would be (there's a whole world of kid-oriented patterns in the wallpaper universe). Others—like grass cloth, which is made of natural fibers and can't be washed or wiped clean, or delicate vintage wallpapers—would pretty much never recover from a toddler armed with a crayon or marker. Painted walls, by comparison, could always be painted over in a certain section if the markings didn't come off, but repapering would be a much bigger ordeal.

  • Scale of desired pattern

Once you've decided that yes, it is worth your time and money to cover the wall, consider the paper's design. A large-scale pattern will read much more clearly if you have wide swaths of wall that you plan to keep uncovered; if not, a small allover pattern (or paint!) may be the better choice.

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We are wallpaper exporter.


We are Turkey's most modern and largest wallpaper factory. We produce with Top Print 8 Color technology which is used by a number of Wall Paper manufacturer in the world. This technology is a top-level technology that gives a sense of reality to the wallpaper, adds depth to the pattern, smoothes the surface.

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