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High quality Hotel Linens Set,Duvet,Pique,Pillow,Blank

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We have been operating in the Textile sector, as Olka textile group. Our company is located in  Istanbul, Turkey. We sell our products all over Turkey to hotels and private hospitals.

We also export to the following countries:

- Tajikistan
- Democratic Republic of Congo
- Malta
- Cyprus
- Russia (In the past)

As you know Turkey is very advanced in the world's best quality textile and textile products are manufactured in Turkey. We have been operating in the following categories:

·        Towel

·        Bathrobe

·        Linens Set

·        Duvet

·        Pique

·        Pillow

·        Blanket

Our products are available in various qualities. Prices vary according to quality. our products are mostly in white colour because of their usage in hotel textile business (Except towels which are available in various colours). .
We guarantee you the best quality with the most competitive prices

Orders will be prepared as soon as we get your payment confirmation, sending by express shipping which are available in Istanbul we can save time to market. Also, if you want sample of the products we can send samples of the products you are concerned as soon as possible. We are confident with our high quality products along with competitive prices, we can have a mutually beneficial business and a fruitful collaboration. We look forward to hearing from you. Please let me know if I can provide more information regarding our products.

Sincerely yours

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One Line Story:

Hotel Textile B2B We have been operating in Textile sector in Turkey.


We started our company from 2013 to market and sell our manufacturing products to our prospective customers and hotel and supplying sector. Please feel free to contact us for your whole sales order.

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