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Mud pumps and filter press


Mud pumps:

Our company provides mud pumps with adjustable, controlled, high pressure system, and also resistance to abrasion and high energy saving.

Our hydraulic pumps comfort of usage outstanding performance make it one of the essential equipment of our customers..Our in house mud pump made according to request of our clients based on required capacity (liter / min) designed with manufactured by our engineers.

Our Machinery has 1 (one) year warranty

All spare parts are always available with no lack of hardware in stock.


  • Hydraulic power unit is owned.
  • 1-16 high press in the bar.
  • Hydraulic double piston mud pumps.
  • Resistant to abrasion.
  • The sludge pump covers covering according to using area.
  • High energy saving.(Energy efficient pump)

Types of mud pumps:

300 Liter / Minute: 14,000 USD
500 Liter / Minute: 15,000 USD
1000 Liter / Minute: 16,500 USD
1600 Liter / Minute: 20,000 USD

We are one of the best mud pumps manufacturers in Turkey. And all machinery are made in TURKEY.

How mud pumps work: Our pump work with low power electric energy. The outcome result of pump is out standing and price is really low with comparing cement pumps.

Our mud pump is for sale for inside and outside of Turkey. Our team can do all implamentation also. please contact us for any further information.

All of our pumps have portablity capability and we manufacturing of these portable mud pumps.

We manufacturing pumps from "small mud pump" to big scale "large mud pumps"

Mud pump price is based on its power and liter/minute pumping.

Mud pump functioning based on hydrolic power and pistons power.

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