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Reportage On 6 Of The World's Top Sites With An Authority Of Over 77 - (Plan 1)

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Quick description of the reportage advertisement: Reproduction of the advertisement, that is, the text of your advertisement on another site is published as an independent article and links to that keyword in the relevant keywords on your site.

Advertisement Reportage is one of the most powerful SEO techniques and ranking on Google. For Google, it's important for other sites to link your articles and articles to your site. These are called contextual links. These links are the most important type of backlinks that can have a huge impact on site rankings.

But the topic that is discussed in the reportage discussion is the quality of the site that your repottage is placed on. Basically, the site where the reportage is placed and links to your site must have an enumeration of authority and a high authority url. (Entity is the concept of amplitude power. This number is as strong as 100 is closer to 100)

At Plenum 1, the RePortAge advertisement will be republished at 6 strong and strong sites. All sites that link to your site in this plan have a domain name of over 77 and an invoice page of over 60, which means the strongest site to receive from the link as a reprint.

Plans 1 Reportage all are sites. In this plan, the article will be posted English on the site and your keywords will be linked to your site in the English equivalent. (For example, if your keyword is "site design", we'll link the word "webdesign" to your site in the article. Notice that Google is quite intelligent and can understand the meaning of the word) This plan does not require the presentation of the text on your behalf. And ourselves we put a text of at least 500 words together with a proper photo on the sites we are referring to.

The most important feature of this reportage service is:
In this service, the text of your reprint will be placed in the first page of the sites in addition to publishing and permanent placement on the sites. (That is, a link from the home page), which means you can retrieve your links directly from the top of the page (up to 60) of the home page of the relevant sites.
Due to the fact that we have many sites with these specifications, but your republishing is on 6 of our sites, so the site names are not mentioned, but after completing the order and submitting the final report, you can see the very high content of the sites.

In the image below, we see a few of our sites, all of which have an authority of over 77, and your article will be repatriated on six of these sites, and then each link will be sent to you in the report.

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