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Apartment for sales in Izmir IDEAL OFFICE



User friendly with all lines; Efficient with office residential areas; Flexible with alternatives from 41 m2 to 700 m2; Balconies providing direct access to fresh air and spacious inner gardens, Izmir's most balanced office project ...

İdea'l Office, located in Bayraklı in İzmir's new business and life center on the Ankara Asfaltı and 400 meters from the Izmir Court of Justice and 800 meters from the Courts of Appeals, was designed with a man-nature centered design concept.

Just as the Ideal Office is on comparative projects in the region, delivering it as a built-in rather than an empty one will give you a price advantage of up to 40% from the moment you make your office investment, while design brings you the money and time to spend.

The balconies in Idea'Of Office will make use of daylight and open air in offices that can breathe when they want, fresh air ventilated offices.

> Meeting rooms serving with an instant or planned conferencing infrastructure
> Elegant foyers that allow cocktails.
> Lobby area and reception in the comfort of prestige hotel
> A strong technical infrastructure for continuous and quality communication
> Joint secretary, kata special service member
> Inner gardens creating spacious resting areas
> 3-storey car park and valet service

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