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I Will Consult You On How To Be Successful On Facebook

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Are you trying to use Facebook to promote your brand or business? 
Are you struggling to understand the fundamentals of how your Facebook page or Facebook ads work? 

During this gig, I will teach you everything you need to know about social media during our one-on-one video consultation. 

Why should you buy this gig? I have helped many companies in a wide variety of fields, from real estate agents and lawyers to e-commerce stores and startups, giving them strength and understanding of how social media works and help execute their marketing strategies. 

  • Basic- $350

2 to 3 hour consultation- During the call, I will teach you how to use your FB page and use the Facebook Business Manager platform to run your ads. We will create a content strategy and marketing strategy plan for your company that will be implemented during the call. 

  • Standard- $600

5 hour consultation- This is for people who need more time to learn and are starting out for the first time on social media.

  • Premium- $1100

10 hour consultation-  This is for people who would like guidance and direction over a longer period of time- 10 hours split up over 30 days!

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One Line Story:

Social Media Specialist


My name is William and I am experienced in digital marketing, social media, and content strategy. I have a degree in both Marketing and International Business, with a minor in Psychology--helping me best understand consumers' habits and minds.

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