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I Will Develop And Grow Your Social Media Marketing

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I can help develop and build out your brand's social media presence on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn. This includes creating original graphic content for photo posts, profile pictures, and cover photos using Adobe Photoshop, event invitations using Adobe InDesign, and writing copy for all posts.

The goal is to help your brand increase its reach while growing brand recognition within your target market. I am more than happy to help hit specific needs. Please reach out to me at to discuss further!

With this package, I will create and manage social media pages to promote brand growth.

With this offer you receive:

1- Page Optimization
2- Page Setup
3- Campaign Development
4- Tailored Marketing Plan
5- Management Duration (Weeks) - 4
6- Social Media Posts - 10
7- Revisions - 6
8- Delivery time - 10 Days

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One Line Story:

Social Media Specialist


My name is William and I am experienced in digital marketing, social media, and content strategy. I have a degree in both Marketing and International Business, with a minor in Psychology--helping me best understand consumers' habits and minds.

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