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I Will Vector Tracing Your Logo Or Image Perfectly, Labu/463

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I'm a professional graphic designer and i'll redraw / vectorize and provide vector tracing high quality service for your image or logo,Sketch anywhere on T-Shirts,Mugs, Bucks, Banners, Billboards, Walls, or anywhere you want.

The image is redrawn using Adobe Illustrator . You can send your sketch file ,This way you can resize your vector image to the size you want, without losing any quality as I will vectorize or redraw your image to AI EPS SVG PDF vector formats fast.

What you will get ?


      1 JPG file with white background

      2 PNG file with transparent background

      3 Illustrator Ai file .

      4 PDF File

Why should you hire me ?


      1.100% clean Manual redraw and vector tracing 

      2.Very low price with high quality work

      3.Top quality job

      4.Unlimited Revision.

      5.No auto trace

      6.Fast Delivery

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One Line Story:

i am always at you service


I am a graphic designer and Illustrator/artist, I am experienced and skilled designer who build customers dream. I have 3 years experience in brand developing and logo sports. I am full time active on shopinhome .feel free to contact. Skills logo design,vector tracing, illustration ,Background Removal, banner design,business card design, flyer design,tshirt design,box design ,book cover designbuilding architecture autocad,

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